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Welcome to Your Country Online

Well Hello, I'm Travis Winchester. Thanks for stopping by and checking out Your Country. I have worked in the radio industry for the last 13 years, back in August of 2020 I found myself like many other radio people, out of work. I miss radio like CRAZY and have always wanted to program my own radio station. Fast forward to a couple of months ago, as I was sitting at home having a couple of adult beverages watching The Office for the 8th time, I came to the realization "Travis you are not getting back into radio unless you are prepared to move". That was not happening. So I did a LOT of googling and started to put this together. It has taken a LOT of blood, sweat, tears and more money that I think I am prepared to regularly cough up but end of the day I feel like this truly is a station for Country fans in general. I hope it's something you enjoy and come back even every so often to check out. If there's something you'd like to see different or have anything else you'd like to pass along to me, please use the "chat" feature at the bottom of the screen. I WILL read each and every message that comes through. I have named this "Your Country" because if it wasn't for YOU, the only listener would be me, and "My Country" really doesn't have a good ring to it!

Here's a question I am sure you will ask as you listen....."Why the hell is this station playing commercials!!??" The service I use to be able to stream the music with all the licenses and such is super crazy expensive, their lower cost option makes me play 4 minutes of commercials an hour. You are still getting 56 minutes of music an hour and 40 minute music sweeps each and every hour all day long!

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